semi automatic: EMMA®

This semi-automatic space-saving system allows very short relocating times (less than 2 seconds) between the stations through the integrated quick-relocate system.

  • This handling system ensures a reproducible process.
  • At the beginning of the process the carrier is lowered into the wetchemical process bath. At the end of the process time the goods are relocated into the rinse bath (transfer time adjustable). In the rinse bath the transport arm is also cleaned of chemical residue.
  • Throughout the whole process the carrier is held in vertical position. This ensures a sage relocating of the goods without oscillating.

Alteration right reservation to introduce improvements


  • Developer bath with automatic lid, 360° overflow, 3 separately adjustable spray bars
  • Quick dump rinse with conductivity measurement
  • Raised centre position between Developer bath and Quick dump rinse
  • Redundant temperature control
  • Additional dry run protection
  • Process data logging
  • SECS / GEM -Interface