PLATING STAR® – current-carrying

With fully-automatic electroplating equipment from RAMGRABER you are best equipped to generate homogeneous plating results in stable, reproducible processes.

You can implement the PLATING STAR® for development with moderate numbers of pieces as well as for industrial realization in 3-shift-operation with high throughput rates.

Rectifier, processes and the transfer system are controlled by PLC. You can vary all relevant parameters such as current, voltage, temperature et cetera.

We design and manufacture substrate holders which are individually fitted to your substrates and your requirements, so that an ideal contacting results. For your maximum output, the transfer system leads your substrate holders time-optimised through the chosen processes.

Alteration right reservation to introduce improvements

  • Fully automatic electroplating equipment
  • Modular Design
  • Panel sizes: 610x456mm², 350x250mm²
  • Carrier
  • Filtration with Recirculation
  • Process data collection