Pump Shipping Chest PTK-1620

The brand new transport chest is a reaction of Ramgraber GmbH to deliver a good working solution for the growing demand companies want using a really safe transport chset for all the insufficient rinsed and purged chemical pump equipments. Nobody can guarantee complete decontamination and chemical drops and dirt is in every case a not calculable risk for staff and enviroment during transportation .

Ramgraber GmbH offers an universal transport chest for all common chemical pumps and components as long as they are fitting inside the chest. The PTK-1620 is an allover concept and contains a lot of detail solutions for your safe transport

  • The hest itself is an ready to use bag and is produced in a special “sandwich” construction methode of PE.
  • Inside of PTK-1620 there is the assembly and transport rack on which all goods to be transported and firmly be mounted.
  • Individually possible fixtures for every marketcustomary pump. Other items can be also fixed by using the screwable VA pens in the ground grid.
  • Serveral blind caps are includet to close chem lines and prevent the items to loos chemistry
  • Plastic zip ties 9x1220mm to fix the items on the rack.

Model: PTK-1620
Size inside: 560mm x 434mm x 312mm
Size outside: 622m x 492mm x 353mm

Model: PTK-1620
Colour: black
Weight: 11,1 Kg empty
Size inside: 560mm x 434mm x 312mm
Size outside: 622mm x 492mm x 353mm
Lid Seal: 6,4mm Neopren O-Ring
Material: Polypropylen in Sandwich-Bauweise
Classifications: IP76 nach EN60529, Spezifikation 300 ATA, MIL-STD 4150-H

  • Valve of depressure air
  • wheels
  • 3 latches
  • telescope latch
  • TSA-chest lock
  • PP-mounting plate inside
  • Stainless steel Pins & individual
  • mounting brackets
  • Several blind caps to close lines
  • Plastic zip ties 9x1220mm
  • Individual designed mounting brackets for your transport goods
  • Spareparts for the chest like latches, seal and wheels
  • TSA-lock or TSA-belt for the chest
  • Special designed blind caps to close your special goods for transportation.