CMS2 Chemical Mixture Station

This Chemical Mixture Station delivers the needed amount of mixed process media at the required points of time.

  • This system consists of a supply tank, a mixture tank and two storage tanks.
  • The process media is produced in the 50l mixture tank: The dosing of the necessary media into the mixture tank comes through one DI-water supply and via supply lines from the two storage tanks (each 5l).
  • After circulation in the mixture tank the completed process solution is pumped into the 350l supply tank.

Alteration right reservation to introduce improvements

  • Body PP, welded throught safety collection pan according
  • Supply tank approx.350l usable volume
  • Mixture tank approx. 50l usable volume
  • 2x storage tank each approx. 5l with filling level sensor
  • Ventilation and Exhaust Filter
  • Chemical distribution box
  • Further accessories after request