ARTOS Box Cleaner

  • Typ Artos 300
  • Box & Carrier Cleaner
  • Parts cleaning for Boxes, Carriers, Foups und Fosps
  • The Artos 300 is an innovative cleaning system which allows uncomplicated cleaning and drying of boxes and carriers of various sizes.
  • The system is separated into following main areas:
    • Process chamber with carousel
    • Tank tube and piping area
    • Electrical cabinet
    • pneumatic cabinet
    • On top module with fan, heater, door operator and carousel drive
  • The main construction of the ARTOS system can separate into 2 pieces to make sure that the system fits into the current clean room standard measurements and to simplify the assembly on-site.

Alteration right reservation to introduce improvements

  • Dimensions of the Plant approx: ca. B 1.865x D 1.682x H 2.890 mm

Wafer 6″: Capacity 16 Carrier / Boxen
Wafer 8″: Capacity 12 Carrier / Boxen
Wafer 12″: Capacity 6 Foups / Fosps

  • Housing in FM 4910 plastic material
  • Hot DI Watertank for preparing 65°C hot supply DI water
  • Differnt basket sets for to change to other size of goods
  • Dosingtank for chemical
  • Ramgraber SECS Interface
  • RFID Tracking System
  • Remote control
  • PLC as a sliding cabinet