Cleaning & Etching


Cleaning - for perfectly clean surfaces

DI-H2O · SC1: NH4OH:H2O:H2O · SC2: HCl:H2O2:H2O · DHF · BOE · Piranha: H2SO4:H2O2 · Acetone · IPA · HCl, HF, HNO3 , NH4F, NH4OH, H2O2, H2SO4 · Hot DI-H2O · Tenside · etc.

RAMGRABER offers you equipment for excellent wafer cleaning. Whether manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic – each of our systems for your cleaning processes convinces through excellent removal of organic and inorganic contaminations.

A high throughput and realization in approved RAMGRABER quality – that ́s what you can expect from RAMGRABER systems.

Etching - for homogeneous, reproducible etching results

H3PO4:HNO3:H2O · HF:HNO3:CH3COOH · HF:HNO3:H2O · HCl:HNO3 · TiWN · KOH · NaOH · TMAH · SC1 · SC2 · DHF · BOE · HF · Piranha · etc.

Whether as batch process or as spin spray machine – RAMGRABER etching equipment produces homogeneous, reproducible etching results and needs only low media consumption.

On demand you can also get the etching equipment with necessary media supply/ disposal systems. Then RAMGRABER is your competent partner for your whole etching system.

Cleaning: Features & Advantages

Cleaning: Features & Advantages

goods agitation systems vertical / horizontal / combined
ultrasonic 25kHz / 40 kHz / multiple-frequencies etc.
megasonic 1 MHz / megasonic spraying nozzles etc.
rinsing system overflow rinse, quick dump rinse, hot DI-Water rinse, cascade rinse, megasonic-quick dump rinse etc.
further spray under emmersion, top spray, movable spray nozzles, N2 Bubbling, ph value measurement etc.

Your Advantages

  • excellent removal of organic and inorganic contaminations
  • sophisticated exhaust configuration
  • innovative control and monitoring of media
  • safe media conditioning
  • maximum bath life time via spiking / feed&bleed

Etching: Options & Advantages

Possible Options

Fully automatic process control connection to the MES/CAM via SECS/GEM or customer-specific interface, logfiles, etc.
Accurate and quick transfer < 1 sec.
High temperature technique > 150 °C
Chemical systems Supply / mixing / disposal stations
Compliant configuration FM 4910

Your Advantages

  • defined etching rate
  • optimized media flow
  • temperature stability
  • sophisticated exhaust configuration
  • innovative control and monitoring of media
  • safe media conditioning
  • maximum bath life time via spiking / feed&bleed

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