Aims and Principles RAMGRABER GmbH

Aims and Principles RAMGRABER GmbH
Aims and Principles RAMGRABER GmbH

Principles – to guide us


Each employee brings his knowledge and abilities into to conjoint work. We do reach our goals through team work.

2.​Individual Responsibility

Each colleague takes responsibility for his own actions and the corresponding results.


We claim and support that our employees keep their knowledge up to date through continuous training.

4.​Respectful Contact

The contact with colleagues and customers is characterized by respect, honesty and authenticity.


Each colleague aims at sustainable solutions for our customers - for his own work as well as for the whole project.

Relationship to our Customers

6.​Maximum Customer Value

We generate the maximum added value for our customers through intensive attention on continuous innovation, user friendliness, operational safety and „low cost of ownerhip“ in all project phases.

7.​intensive Customer Proximity

Through intensive, trustful collaboration with our customers in all project phases, we do generate long-term, successful partnership with our customers.

8.​Focus Partner

Our motto „Your Wet Process Partner“ is programme: We are the competent partner for our customers, when it comes to wet chemical tasks in the field of special equipment building. This cooperative approach leads to a conjoint project work with the aim to maximize the customer value.

9.​Technical innovative Solutions

Technical innovation in the field of wet chemical processes as well as in the field of machine building is the driving force in all our projects.


With our suppliers we have long-term, trustful partnerships. Together with them we do maximize the benefit of our systems for our customers.

Our Goals

11.​Generic Growth, self-determination

RAMGRABER wants to achieve a profit, that enables a generic growth and the preservation of the self-determination.

12.​Continuous Quality Managment

Through continuous surveillance and optimization of all company processes (continuous improvement), we do assure the superior quality of our performance.

13.​Expansion of Partnerships

RAMGRABER will establish ties with further partners / networks for the benefit of our customers.

14.​Environmental Protection

We commit do protect the environment for further generations.